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Student-Made Web Games

‌As part of the web programming module CS25210 ("Client Side Graphics Programming For The Web), which concentrates on JavaScript and HTML5, students have to make a web game. This assignment is open-ended and every year the students create some excellent and inventive games. 

Links to a selection of the games can be found via the dropdown menu 'Web Games' above.


This module will provide students with hands-on experience of client-side web programming techniques and environments.

Brief description

This module will consider the tools and techniques appropriate for the creation of web applications, concentrating on those which work on the client-side. One technology in particular will be selected for in-depth study.
Interactive web programming will involve constructing web pages enabling visitors to interact with data and graphics across a range of clients available in the current market (in terms of web-browsers, and in terms of hardware devices). The importance of device neutrality, cross-platform coding, and data visibility to search engines are central to the module.

Follow this link for the full CS25210 Module Information